Our story...

In March 2020 we all found ourselves in the middle of the first UK lockdown. 

Home schooling was interesting! But one conservation poster project lead to our eldest daughter asking, ‘what we were doing as a family to help save the world?’

We ate organic, changed cleaning products, walked more, and before long even had a subscription for toilet roll. We just felt there was more we could do.

We love travel; being outdoors and were looking for products made in a more responsible way. We found that there are so many brands and social entrepreneurs working to create amazing products that are individually driving change and each have great websites selling their products. But you only discover them if you’re looking for their specific product.

That’s where we made the link. We decided to create Journey Blue. A space to bring all these brands under one roof. Making it easier for consumers to make responsible shopping decisions their normal shopping decisions.

Join us on our Journey Blue. Together, who knows what the future holds for ocean recovery.

Our products

We’ve trawled the internet and found the best products made from materials seen as waste sourced from the seas or companies using sustainable production methods causing no harm to the oceans.

To build trust, all the brands we work with have been completely transparent with their suppliers, worker conditions and their environmental impact. You can view this below every product.

Our mission

To become the No.1 global retail space for responsibly sourced and produced outdoor, travel and adventure products made from and for the oceans.

Our vision

To hand back the ocean to sea life.

Net Collect Programme

Journey Blue Net Collect is our Not-For-Profit end of life fishing gear recycling programme, endorsed by the Global Ghost Innitiative (GGGI).

We partner with fishing communities, local councils, harbours, fisheries and corporates to provide free access to a simple waste disposal system, as a positive solution for their end of life fishing gear.

We then recycle the material with our partner Plastix, and reinvest any money generated back into the programme or donate it to other ocean recovery projects.

So... take a look around and play your part in handing back the ocean to sea life.

Changing habits is at the core of Journey Blue’s mission both in consumer purchasing decisions and the responsible disposal of end of life fishing gear. Right now, we’re just forming our first ripple of change. We’ll be successful when that ripple’s forming crashing waves of change. 

Alistair - Founder Journey Blue

Come journey with us