Elephant Box - 600ml Stainless Steel Cup 2 pack

These stainless steel cups are practical & stylish. Their 100% stainless steel construction makes them super durable and lightweight. The brushed steel interior means they don't impart flavours and gives you a clean tasting drink every time. Stack em up and take on your next adventure. These two cups nest inside each other making them easy to pack and transport. The eco-friendly alternative to paper & plastic cups. Be a zero waste hero and refuse disposable cups at festivals, bars & events this summer. Take them with you on your picnics, BBQs and camping trips. 

It's time to ditch disposable plastics and join the reuse revolution! 

600ml Cup Spec

  • Premium 304 grade stainless steel - Strong & highly rust resistant

  • Generous 600ml capacity - Plenty of room for a pint of beer!

  • Won't stain or carry flavours - So don't compromise on the taste of any drink

  • Dishwasher safe - Won't warp or discolour like plastic

  • Built to last - won't shatter or break

  • This 2 pack is easy, lightweight & safe to transport - so take them with you wherever you go

  • Replaces the need for single-use cups

  • Versatile - Use them for any outdoor event & for anything from beer, to smoothies - even chips!

  • Responsibly made in China

  • Shipped from the UK in plastic free & fully recyclable packaging, next day delivery available

600ml Cup Dimensions

  • Height 125mm

  • Diameter at mouth 85mm

  • Diameter at base 62mm

  • Capacity 600ml

  • Weight 83g

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About the brand

Elephant Box is based in Bridport, Dorset and was founded by 2 people who were fed up of throwing away rubbish plastic lunchboxes and decided to
provide an alternative.

Overconsumption is harming our planet and we wanted to be part of the solution. We decided to sell products that will help people be able to live a life with less waste. Things that wont break and won't need replacing, things that will help people to throw less stuff away.

Stainless steel is perfect for carrying food in. It won't leach any harmful chemicals into your food and it will never put any micro plastics into the water. Also, if it ever comes to the end of it's useful life you know that it can be 100% recycled over and over again and so need never end up in landfill.

Buy better, buy less.

The factories that we work with are in India, China and South Korea.
We have personally visited the Indian factories and are certain that the working conditions there are very good. We like these Indian factories because they are small and family run.

All other factories have all been audited by independent organisations to ensure that working conditions are good, that workers are paid well and on time and that conditions are safe.

All our factories have all been audited by independent organisations to ensure that working conditions are good, that workers are paid well and on time and that conditions are safe.

The stainless steel industry is also improving constantly but will never be without it's flaws. We sell stainless steel because we believe that it is far and away much better than plastic alternatives. We believe that stainless steel does a far better job and is better for the environment.
However, it only works if our products are used to their full potential. They enable people to throw less stuff away. Using them in place of disposable takeaway cartons or cups or at the deli counter/butcher. It means that you can store left overs ready to take out with you - rather than them getting thrown in the bin. Our products will last a lifetime, perhaps longer, so will never need to be replaced - thereby negating the need to make/transport/dispose of more stuff. They will also never shed micro-plastics into the water.