Ocean Plastic Carabiner

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A carabiner made from recycled fishing nets and ocean plastics is perfect for keeping your keys, water bottles and other important items together.  The unique, recycled plastic carabiner makes them easy to hang or clip to a belt loop or backpack.

The bespoke and simple Ecotribo Carabiner design comes as a single part, with no spring mechanism to fail and a simple metal ring for your keys.

Please note: these carabiners are not designed for climbing! They are great for holding keys and keeping water bottles handy!

They are made from recycled abandoned fishing nets, ropes and bottles. Please be aware that every single product is hand-made and uniquely coloured meaning that no two will ever be the same. The beautiful marble effect that is created by the process is totally unique and part of the beauty of recycling ocean plastics.

65mm in size
Made from recycled ocean plastics
Polypropylene fishing nets & bottle tops

All packaging and shipping materials are and always have been 100% plastic-free.

Please try to reuse it wherever possible. 

The product is made from 100% recycled materials (mainly abandoned ghost nets and bottle tops).

It’s also 100% recyclable! Each item is unique, so we will not be able to pay for the postage if the product is returned becuase of slight variations in colour.

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