Tange Dog Lead

Own a dog? It's time to Lead by example (pun intended) and help protect the oceans with this dog lead made from recycled fishing nets. It’s waterproof, non-stink, strong & durable.
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About the brand

Tangle is on a mission to stop the ghost net problem by collecting and recycling them into sustainable, premium dog products.

Everything that makes ghost nets so terrible is what makes Tangle products so great - durable, waterproof and practically indestructible.

The nets that make our products are collected from a range of ports across Europe. The leads are manufactured in the North of England. Our bowls are produced in France. We work hard to ensure our products have minimal transport in the supply chain.

640,000 tonnes of ghost nets enter our oceans each year which has a dire effect on marine life. At Tangle, we want to stop ghost nets before they become a problem. By buying a Tangle product, you actively support the collection of these nets and taking them out of harms way, as well as stopping them from entering landfill.